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Legal Professionals Commissioned for Life

B.C. Notaries are proud members of a select group of legal professionals commissioned for life by the Supreme Court of British Columbia. They differ from Notaries in other jurisdictions in that their scope of practice is much broader and more extensive than Notaries in other provinces across Canada (with the exception of Quebec Notaries). B.C. Notaries are trained in non-contentious legal matters, specializing in preparing documents that define and protect your interests in property. B.C Notaries do not argue cases before a judge and do not appear in court. Their role is to act as facilitators, committed to properly preparing and registering your legal documents.

Quality, Personal Service

Buying a house or making a Will can be representative of major life milestones. Although exciting, we understand that making these types of decisions can also  be quite overwhelming. We are here to provide you with quality advice and personalized service to help you with your needs. In addition to preparing and registering your documents, we strive to ensure that you fully understand the legal process and all documents that you sign with us. We will be your advocate and will promise you fair, honest service and valuable advice.

Donna Van Beek

Senior Notary
Donna became a notary in 1993 after receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology and completing the two-year notary prep work through UBC Law School
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Kelsey Krische

Kelsey grew up in Langley with her parents and brother. After high school, she worked in administration and bookkeeping for a real estate company.
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Legal Scretary
After graduating from Burnaby South Secondary School, she completed a legal secretarial course and started working in a South Vancouver law office.
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Lynda first started her career in banking and later transitioned to working as a Conveyancer, which she has now been doing for over 30 years.
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Cathe is heavily involved in community theatre, in which she has participated for many years. Although Cathe is usually found working behind the scenes
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