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refers to a process whereby a Notary verifies a person’s identification, witnesses the person’s signature on a document and then provides their own signature as confirmation that they witnessed the person’s signature. The role of the notary is to verify to the client’s identity. The role of the clients is to attest to the information on the form – usually the client’s signature means he is swearing, as if under oath, that the information is true.

If you require a document to be notarized, you (the signor) will need to attend our office, in person, and to bring two pieces of identification – one picture ID like a passport or driver’s license and a second piece of identification with your signature, (signed debit / credit card /care card) – and the document that you would like notarized. Because there are many purposes for notarizations, our office does not prepare or supply the documents; we recommend that you check with the organization mandating your signature to ensure that you are complying with their requirements and using their correct forms. Please fill out the form prior to attending our office but do not sign the document until you are with the Notary.

Types of documents that we notarize:

  • Statutory declarations
  • Proof of Loss for Insurance
  • Affidavits
  • ICBC forms
  • International documents
  • Canadian passport applications
  • Authentications
  • Identification Forms and Verifications of Identity
  • Pension Declarations
  • Authorization for minors to travel outside of Canada (see below for more details)
  • Letters of Invitation (see below for more information)

We know your time is valuable and we don’t want you to have to wait so appointments for notarizations are strongly encouraged so that we can ensure a Notary will be free to see you when you arrive. Please call our office at 604-888-6605 to make an appointment; notarization appointments can be booked for the same day and usually take less than ten minutes to complete!

Authorization for Minors to Travel Outside of Canada

Notarized letters of consent to travel are strongly recommended by the Government of Canada for minor children traveling alone or with one parent, friends, relatives or a group. In this case, the parent(s) not traveling with the minor must sign a consent form in front of a Notary.

To create a personalized consent letter in the template form recommended by the Canadian Government, click here.

If your children are travelling to Mexico, click here for the recommended travel form.

Please bring the unsigned and completed form to your appointment with your identification.

Letters of Invitation

In some circumstances, when a foreign citizen wants to visit you in Canada, a notarized letter of invitation is required before a visa will be issued.  For a list of countries that will most likely require their citizens to obtain a visa when traveling to Canada, click here  Information on what needs to be included within the letter of invitation can be found on the Government of Canada website, by clicking here

Please bring the unsigned and completed form to your appointment with your identification.

Certified True Copies

Unlike notarizations, which are concerned with personal identification and which require the signor to be physically present in front of the Notary, a certified true copy is concerned with an original document. This means that any person can attend our office with an original document for the Notary to certify. By making a certified true copy, the Notary is verifying that the copy that she makes is an exact identical copy of the original document.

Note: Notaries will not certify copies of an original document and our Notaries do not accept copies that are brought to us – you must present us with an original document for certification.

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